Limitless Leaders is a 5 session course designed to help you develop a youth ministry that makes disciples.

What are the Aims of Limitless Leaders?

Limitless Leaders aims to help you set a culture at the heart of your youthwork. Rather than leap in with advice about ‘how to’ run youth meetings and create programmes, this course looks to lay foundations in your youth ministry that will equip you to change the world.

We hope that as a result of this course, your ministry will be equipped for both depth (to see change in the individual) and width (significant numbers of people reached) to the glory of God.

What is the Content of Limitless Leaders?

Each session of the course has a 20-30 minute teaching video. Course participants watch the video, pausing at various points for discussion. Each session also has a reflection guide for participants to take away with them. The course works best with one or two group facilitators who use the session outline, and lead the discussion.

We recommend that each session lasts for around 90-120 minutes in order to make the most of the content, and to build a sense of community

What are the Values of Limitless Leaders?

Limitless Leaders is based on the idea that we are called to make a difference. If “it is to God’s glory that we bear much fruit” we can expect to make an impact on young people and see them respond to the gospel and choose to follow Jesus.

The goal of all ministry is to “present everyone perfect in Christ,” so Limitless Leaders seeks to enable young people to take hold of Jesus, be transformed by him and become like Him. We want to aim for maturity in Christ, that those we are seeking to serve, attain to the whole measure of the fulness of Christ.

Much as we are aware of our limitations, we also trust in a God who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. Consequently, the whole course is steeped in prayer, recognising the contrast between His role and ours.

Limitless Leaders is intentional in seeking to make disciples and equipping disciples to influence others

Who has produced Limitless Leaders?

Limitless Leaders is an initiative of Cambridge & District YFC, one of 70 local YFC centres in the UK. We aim to see a culture-changing number of young people becoming mature disciples of Jesus and we envisage that happening through the local church. This resource has been produced in partnership with the Diocese of Ely (Church of England) who are concerned to see local churches engaging in reaching young people.

Want more information?

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